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Cavoli Engineering, Inc. was established in 2001 by its principal, John F. Cavoli, P.E. with the goal of providing quality professional engineering services to its clients. The firm emphasizes consultant-client communications, product quality, and professionalism. 

Cavoli Engineering, Inc. is a small consulting engineering firm that specializes in storm water management evaluation, design, and permitting; design and permitting of residential and commercial land development, utility evaluation, design, and permitting; master planning of developments; design and permitting of roads; facilities planning, permitting, and design including athletic complexes; and infrastructure planning, design and permitting including storm water management, roads, utilities, and bridges. Land development scopes include collection and treatment of storm water runoff to meet water quantity and quality standards, road design, site design and layout, feasibility studies, and planning assistance. Storm Water Management Systems vary from systems of large wet detention ponds to combinations of wet and normally dry detention ponds to underground storage systems including storm water vaults and storm chamber systems. 


The firms small size allows for responsive and efficient service to our clients. During the course of a project, the client enjoys the advantage of dealing directly with a design team headed by the principal of the company. Direct communications between the client and the company principal reduce the possibility of miscommunications and result in superior product. 


The number of repeat clients, approximately 70% is testimony to the ability of Cavoli  Engineering, Inc. to deliver a quality product, on time and at a competitive engineering fee. A brief list of projects is included to demonstrate the firm’s competence, performance, and ability to meet the client’s goals. 


Our project approach is based on the principle that there is a distinct advantage to having a team of consultants rather than a multi-disciplined firm. The primary advantage is that the best consultants in the various fields can be assembled rather than settling for whoever is in-house with a multi-disciplined firm. The other team member noted in this proposal was chosen based on their expertise within their related field as well as their work history within the City limits. The team will be coordinated by Cavoli Engineering who will act as the prime consultant on the project. Based on this principle, we believe that not only will a superior product be achieved, but a more timely production of the product will occur. 

Cavoli Engineering, Inc. currently works in Sarasota County, the City of Sarasota, Manatee County, Charlotte County, Hardee County, the City of Bradenton, the City of Venice, the City of North Port, the City of Palmetto, and the Town of Longboat Key, Polk County, Lee County, City of Fort Myers, and Collier County. Our company prides itself in the relationships it has established and maintained over the years which includes local, federal, and state agencies. 


Currently Cavoli Engineering has the engineering staff to immediately start on a project. Cavoli Engineering has the resources available to meet any project’s needs and is dedicated to accommodating critical time frames and client needs as necessary. 

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